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Plastic Repair

Scuffs and scrapes on plastic bumpers are a common problem on modern cars but we have the solution.

We can repair scuffs, scrapes, cracks and fractures to plastic and fibreglass panels such as bumpers, trim and body kits. We can also repair damage to other plastic components such as clips and brackets on headlights which can lead to a substantial cost saving.

We are fully equipped to deal with plastic repairs with a range of modern plastic fillers, a plastic welding kit, a hot stapler plastic repair set and the most advanced specialist adhesives available.

This can make repairing plastic panels a cheaper alternative to replacing entire bumpers; however we will always price up both options to find the most cost effective solution for your vehicle. We can supply, paint and fit new, genuine manufacturer’s parts, insurance approved aftermarket parts or second hand parts.

We can replicate the black and grey textured finishes found on many vehicle bumpers, as well as colour coding plastic bumpers, wing mirrors and trims.

We can also supply and fit rear parking sensors these can be colour coded to match your bumper. An ideal time for these to be fitted is during a bumper repair, and once the kit is installed it should mean you will never scuff or scrape your bumpers again! The kit comprises of 4 sensors, an audible “beeper” and a dashboard mounted digital readout. Please contact us for more details and prices.

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